Swagtron to Partner With DiSa

Swagtron is Partnering with Digital Safety (DiSa) to Combat Retail and Return Fraud on Their Products

Bentonville, AR: Swagtron, a leader in electric rideables, recently partnered with Digital Safety (DiSa) to equip its new Swagtron Classic hoverboards with DiSa’s Single-Scan Serialization (3S) to combat retail theft and return fraud. If stolen, the new Swagtron Classic hoverboards have complete protection against return fraud (a common method in organized retail crime), negating a major monetary benefit of shoplifting.

“We’re proud to work with DiSa to help protect not only our product, but our retail partners,” said Jason Wakefield, Swagtron CMO.


The Swagtron Classic hoverboard, a Walmart exclusive, features the legendary performance and value Swagtron is known for, including UL2272 certification, dual 200-watt motors, LED wheel lights and iOS/Android app connectivity.


The 3S Smart Barcode protection, implemented on the product and packaging during production, features individual item tracking and security unique to every item produced. During point of sale, the technology is used to track next level sales data, in turn making items never purchased easily identifiable as well.


ABOUT SWAGTRON: SWAGTRON is the industry leader in electric rideables, having evolved as the forefront brand in its category. SWAGTRON was celebrated for being one of the first brands of electric rideables on the scene to offer certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent consumer product safety company. SWAGTRON continues to expand and improve its line of innovative rideable products, making alternative e-powered transportation and recreation options more accessible to everyone. Visit Swagtron.com for more info.


ABOUT DiSa: Digital Safety was founded in 2007 with a sole purpose to help retailers and suppliers to eliminate/shrink theft worldwide. DiSa entered the US in 2014, with a limited store test. After rigorous testing showing positive results, DiSa rolled out its solution Nationwide in May 2016. DiSa continues to set the new standard for 360-degree digital asset protection. Visit digital-safety.com for more information.


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