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DiSa Digital Safety: Winner of the Peak Tech Laureates 2020

DiSa Digital Safety Pte Ltd Digital Transformation (SMEs/Startups) For “The Asset Protection Benefit Denial Technology is DiSa Digital Safety’s revolutionary ...
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DiSa Pioneers Program To Protect Mobile Phone Users Against E-Wallet Theft By Partnering With M1

Bentonville, AR: Amid a rising trend in e-wallet theft worldwide, DiSa Limited, a Singapore-based digital security company, is launching a ...
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 Bentonville, AR –The Company is pleased to announce that Bailey Produce, a leader in delivering quality organic produce around the globe, ...
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Swagtron to Partner With DiSa

Swagtron is Partnering with Digital Safety (DiSa) to Combat Retail and Return Fraud on Their Products

Bentonville, AR: Swagtron, a leader in electric rideables, recently partnered with Digital Safety (DiSa) to equip its new Swagtron Classic ...
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Samsung is utilizing Smart Locks and Smart Barcodes on the newly released Galaxy Tab A 8.0”

Samsung is utilizing Smart Locks and Smart Barcodes

From the Newsroom: Samsung is utilizing Smart Locks and Smart Barcodes on the newly released Galaxy Tab A 8.0” Bentonville, ...
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Tech News

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Product tracking and 360 degree protection against return fraud.

Supplier News

Garmin protects gps

The largest GPS brand is officially open selling within Walmart stores nationwide (USA).

lenovo embarks with posa

Point-of-Sale Activation protects Lenovo products for open selling in major retail stores.

Retail News

GPS Category Now in retail

Point-of-Sale Activation now protects the GPS and navigation category in retail stores.
October 15, 2017

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