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PoSA Protects Online PUT

DiSa USA Announces its Expansion to Online Retailers Starting with Walmart is now officially enabling the DiSa Point-of-Sale Solution ...
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3S Smart Barcodes

Single Scan Serialization Is Now Adopted by Walmart It was reported on Tuesday, October 21, 2017 that Digital Safety, more ...
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GPS Category Now In Retail

DiSa USA Advances GPS And Navigation Products To Open Sell Within 4,000 Plus Walmart Stores Today, the technology leader in ...
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Tablets Begin Open Selling

Digital Safety proudly announces open selling of tablets from major brand suppliers ...
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Tech News

video update

Product tracking and 360 degree protection against return fraud.

Supplier News

Garmin protects gps

The largest GPS brand is officially open selling within Walmart stores nationwide (USA).

lenovo embarks with posa

Point-of-Sale Activation protects Lenovo products for open selling in major retail stores.

Retail News

GPS Category Now in retail

Point-of-Sale Activation now protects the GPS and Navigation Category in retail stores.
October 15, 2017

Public Relations

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