How It Works

Product ID live is an intuitive solution created for retailers and suppliers, providing 360 degree alerts and analytics. Powered by Digital Safety, Product ID pairs with 3S Smart Barcodes for live individual item tracking, detailed item/store analytics, and next level return fraud prevention.

360o individual item Security,
Analytics, and Notifications

Customize your dashboard to receive real time alerts from chain to store level. Get weekly report summaries tailored to your needs and enjoy complete visibility from manufacturing through point-of-sale.

Return Fraud Protection

Receive helpful alerts and notifications tailored to your needs from chain, region, to store level.

3S Smart Barcodes

3S Smart Barcodes are used in conjuction with every PoSA product. 3S is the abbreviation for Single Scan Serialization (3S) and tracks items from manufacturing through the Point of Sale.

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Point of Sale ACtivation

Point-of-Sale Activation, known as PoSA is the first Digital Asset Protection solution that fully protects products using benefit denial, making products non-functional until purchased.

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