open selling is the
future in retail

DiSa Solutions has reinvented the retail experience for customers, suppliers, and retailers. Its technology enables a true open sell experience, reduces shrink, eliminates return fraud. Stores that have executed open sell effectively experience a 20% average sales lift.

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360Ā° individual item Security,
Analytics and support

Point-of-Sale Activation, known as PoSA is the first Digital Asset Protection Solution that fully protects a product from the manufacturing process through point-of-sale.

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winner of 2017 (R)Tech Asset
Protection Innovation Award

The Retail Industry Leaders Association award for game-
changing technology that mitigates total loss and recognizes
visionary companies developing loss-prevention solutions.

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assisting brand suppliers
in over 6 countries.

Global Headquarters are located in Singapore, with US offices in
Minneapolis, Bentonville, Seattle and Phoenix along with offices in
Asia located in Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan.

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Analytics and Notifications

Full protection and detailed live reporting for each item from manufacturing to the point-of-purchase.


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DiSa Solutions are already fully integrated within thousands of retail stores across the country (USA).