Proof Of Concept Announcement

Retailers Preparing for DiSa Smart Solutions Testing

On April 3, Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) hosted an educational Benefit Denial Summit at Target HQ, where top retailers including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy discussed key theft protective advantages of Benefit Denial and Point of Sale Activation AP/LP methods by using the Situational Crime Prevention model. While most AP/LP methods focus on increasing an offender’s theft Effort or increasing their perceived risk of being caught (Risk), Benefit Denial and point of sale activation or PoSA (a subcategory of Benefit Denial) work by reducing or eliminating the Reward for
would-be thieves.

This theft prevention method has key theoretical advantages, as it protects high-theft products throughout the supply chain, and extends protection to internal theft and package theft. Key LPRC research results and plans were discussed at the April summit, including two solutions in current LPRC testing engineered by Digital Safety or DiSA: PoSA Smart Lock, and 3S Smart Barcode.

PoSA Smart Lock removes the benefit of stealing by making any smart device non-functional until purchased, allowing for Open Selling. PoSA creates 24/7 product availability without theft deterrents, lengthens the sales window, and gains impulse purchases, increasing consumer sales +20%.

3S Smart Barcode effectively stops invalid returns, offers product visibility with real-time analytics from Product ID Live, and provides more accurate inventory calculations by rejecting invalid returns and giving more precise store and item sales and returns data.

LPRC Director Dr. Read Hayes, and Research Scientist Mike Giblin, will continue to support the senior level AP staff of retailers such as Target, Kroger, Best Buy, etc. as they become ready for proof-of-concept testing, solution analysis, and critical consumer/associate/online reseller awareness messaging research. The upcoming Digital Safety (DiSA) Smart Solutions proof-of-concept phase will focus on three key points: sales lift data, cost savings, and payroll reduction. Retailers will begin the 4 to 6 week POC in the upcoming weeks, followed by single store testing, POS
implementation, and complete on-boarding of the Smart Solutions.


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