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This past June, the National Retail Federation (NRF) hosted one of the largest annual AP/LP retail conferences. The event was attended by a majority of industry leaders. Retail giants like The Kroger Co, Office Depot, Verizon Wireless, and Home Depot took stage as keynote speakers, covering new and trending AP/LP topics. Vice President of Corporate Asset Protection at Hudson’s Bay Company says, “It’s an annual event and if you’re in this industry, you’re going to meet with the best of the best.”

NRF invited over 200+ exhibitors to participate. Exhibitors shared their new innovative solutions, including in-person booth demonstrations of the new or upcoming protection technologies. Alan Tague former VP, Loss Control Gander Mountain Company said, “The speakers are on point and very timely with today’s topics, and of course you have great content”

This year, the exhibitor floor was incredibly tech heavy, moving retail into a fully digital shopping experience. Exhibitor and tech startup DiSa showcased its new Smart Tag suite which includes Smart Checkout and Smart Gate solutions.

In short, Smart Tag uses standard RFID tags. This enables individual items to be tracked wirelessly and protected through each level of the supply chain – including post product manufacturing, distribution, in retail stores, and returned items.

In the first quarter of 2018, Digital Safety launched Smart ID (, showcasing its highly robust and detailed analytics app for retailers and suppliers.

Raymond Darrell of Digital Safety reviewed the integration roll-out, explaining the pairing of Smart Tag suite with Smart ID. Smart Checkout shortens the checkout process to less than 30-seconds and simplifies the overall consumer shopping experience, rivaling Amazon’s hands-free GO concepts. Jeff Mitchell, Technical Account Manager at Digital Safety stated, “Removing employee cost, eliminating return fraud, and protecting individual items will benefit consumers by lowering cost-of-goods for consumers and will quickly increase retailers and suppliers return on investment.”


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