How PoSA Works

Point-of-Sale Activation, known as PoSA is the first Digital Asset Protection solution that fully protects a product from the manufacturing process through point-of-sale creating the device non-functional until purchased and activated.

Open selling is the
future in retail

DiSa Solutions has reinvented the retail experience for customers, suppliers, and retailers. Its technology enables a true open sell experience, reduces shrink and eliminates return fraud. Stores that have executed open sell effectively experience a 20% average sales lift.

Quick, user friendly activation code retrieval system supporting PoSA protected devices and customers.

3S Smart Barcodes

3S Smart Barcodes are used in conjuction with every PoSA product. 3S is the abbreviation for Single Scan Serialization (3S), tracking your product through the point-of-sale process.

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Product ID Live

Powered by Digital Safety, Product ID pairs with 3S Smart Barcodes for Live individual item tracking, detailed product reporting and next level protection against return fraud.

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